Lexpansio is a B2B legal tech start-up where experienced legal practitioners and software developers are brought together to create highly innovative and advanced IT solutions for lawyers and their firms.


Lexpansio’s goal is to help lawyers free up their resources and focus on their most important role – of trusted advisers – instead of spending their valuable time on important and necessary, but repetitive, tasks. We achieve this goal by automating and digitalizing tasks that consume a significant portion of lawyers’ resources and are prone to human error.


The use of our solutions delivers time and cost savings, and also mitigates the risks associated with the necessity of providing impeccable products and services. Ultimately, our clients are able to boost their workflow efficiency and revenue.
Lexpansio currently offers Philynx (a software facilitating the creation and filing of legal documents with attachments) and various bespoke legal tech solutions tailor-made to the individual specifications and needs of our clients.


Lexpansio’s mission is to apply specialist knowledge, long-standing experience and cutting-edge technology to develop reliable and effective software products and services that automate and enhance the practice of law.
We aim to enable lawyers to deliver smarter services of the highest quality and competitively priced with the empowering support of innovative technologies.